NZ Journal of Ecology
N.Z.J.Ecol., Volume 22(2), 1998

Research article
Intraspecific and seasonal differences in the diet of feral ferrets (Mustela furo) in a pastoral habitat, east Otago, New Zealand
J. R. Ragg
Pages: 113–119
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Research article
Factors predisposing short-tussock grasslands to Hieracium invasion in Marlborough, New Zealand
A. B. Rose, L. R. Basher, S. K. Wiser, K. H. Platt and I. H. Lynn
Pages: 121–140
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 570 KB)

Research article
Seasonal variation in the impacts of brushtailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) on five palatable plant species in New Zealand beech (Nothofagus) forest
C. J. Pekelharing, C. M. Frampton and P. A. Suisted
Pages: 141–148
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 505 KB)

Research article
Space use and denning behaviour of wild ferrets (Mustela furo) and cats (Felis catus)
G. L. Norbury, D. C. Norbury and R. P. Heyward
Pages: 149–159
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 499 KB)

Research article
Foraging ecology of the red-crowned parakeet (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae novaezelandiae) and yellow-crowned parakeet (C. auriceps auriceps) on Little Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand
Terry C. Greene
Pages: 161–171
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 592 KB)

Research article
Herbivore damage and leaf loss in the New Zealand pepper tree ('kawakawa', Macropiper excelsum, Piperaceae)
S. Hodge, V. Keesing, S. D. Wratten, G. L. Lovei, J. Palmer and T. Cilgi
Pages: 173–180
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Research article
Comparison of two techniques for assessing possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) diet from stomach contents
P. J. Sweetapple and G. Nugent
Pages: 181–188
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 474 KB)

Research article
Generalist entomopathogens as biological indicators of deforestation and agricultural land use impacts on Waikato soils
C. W. Barker and G. M. Barker
Pages: 189–196
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 480 KB)

Research article
Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) densities and impacts on Fuchsia (Fuchsia excorticata) in south Westland, New Zealand
C. J. Pekelharing, J. P. Parkes and R. J. Barker
Pages: 197–203
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 505 KB)

Research article
Spread of the wasp parasitoid Sphecophaga vesparum vesparum following its release in New Zealand
N. D. Barlow, J. R. Beggs and H. Moller
Pages: 205–208
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 452 KB)

Research article
Effect of exclosure on soils, biomass, plant nutrients, and vegetation, on unfertilised steeplands, Upper Waitaki District, South Island, New Zealand
P. D. McIntosh and R. B. Allen
Pages: 209–217
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 489 KB)

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