NZ Journal of Ecology
N.Z.J.Ecol., Volume 32(2), 2008

Research article
Assessing natural dispersal of New Zealand bellbirds using song type and song playbacks
Dianne H. Brunton, Barbara A. Evans and Weihong Ji
Pages: 147–154
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 426 KB)

Research article
Nest survival of birds in an urban environment in New Zealand
Yolanda van Heezik, Karin Ludwig, Sarah Whitwell and Ian G. McLean
Pages: 155–165
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 428 KB)

Research article
Stoat density, diet and survival compared between alpine grassland and beech forest habitats
Des H.V. Smith, Deborah J. Wilson, Henrik Moller, Elaine C. Murphy and Georgina Pickerell
Pages: 166–176
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 481 KB)

Research article
Spatial variation in impacts of brushtail possums on two Loranthaceous mistletoe species
Peter J. Sweetapple
Pages: 177–185
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 402 KB)

Research article
Flower predation by Zelleria maculata (Lepidoptera) on Peraxilla mistletoes: effects of latitude and fragmentation, and impact on fruit set
Dave Kelly, Jenny J. Ladley, Alastair W. Robertson and Lisa Crowfoot
Pages: 186–196
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 848 KB)

Research article
Tree holes in a mixed broad-leaf–podocarp rain forest, New Zealand
Tanya J. Blakely and Raphael K. Didham
Pages: 197–208
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 951 KB)

Short Communication
Yeasts associated with the New Zealand Nothofagus honeydew system
Kelsey Serjeant, Rongying Tang, Nicole Anfang, Jacqueline R. Beggs and Matthew R. Goddard
Pages: 209–213
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 269 KB)

Short Communication
Diet of ship rats following a mast event in beech (Nothofagus spp.) forest
Shirley McQueen and Barry Lawrence
Pages: 214–218
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 237 KB)

Short Communication
Novel host associations and habitats for Senecio-specialist herbivorous insects in Auckland
Jon J. Sullivan, Chris J. Winks and Simon V. Fowler
Pages: 219–224
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 291 KB)

Forum article
Halting indigenous biodiversity decline: ambiguity, equity, and outcomes in RMA assessment of significance
Susan Walker, Ann L. Brower, Bruce D. Clarkson, William G. Lee, Shona C. Myers, William B. Shaw and R. T. Theo Stephens
Pages: 225–237
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 362 KB)

Forum article
Assessing significance under the RMA – moving forwards: a reply to Walker et al. (2008)
David A. Norton and Judith Roper-Lindsay
Pages: 238–239
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 243 KB)

Forum article
The forgotten 60%: bird ecology and management in New Zealand’s agricultural landscape
Catriona J. MacLeod, Grant Blackwell, Henrik Moller, John Innes and Ralph Powlesland
Pages: 240–255
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 386 KB)

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