NZ Journal of Ecology
N.Z.J.Ecol., Volume 33(2), 2009

Research article
Distribution, pup production and mortality of New Zealand sea lion Phocarctos hookeri on Campbell Island / Motu Ihupuku, 2008
Andy Maloney, B. Louise Chilvers, Marie Haley, Chris G. Muller, Wendi Roe and Igor Debski
Pages: 97–105
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Research article
Foraging locations of female New Zealand sea lions (Phocarctos hookeri) from a declining colony
B. Louise Chilvers
Pages: 106–113
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
Feeding ecology of kererū (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) in podocarp–hardwood forest, Whirinaki Forest Park, New Zealand
M.T. Emeny, R.G. Powlesland, I.M. Henderson and R.A. Fordham
Pages: 114–124
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 572 KB)

Research article
Life history traits contribute to decline of critically endangered lizards at Macraes Flat, Otago
Mandy D. Tocher
Pages: 125–137
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 692 KB)

Research article
Distribution and abundance of endemic coelostomidiid scale insects (Hemiptera: Coelostomidiidae) in Auckland forests, New Zealand
Robin Gardner-Gee and Jacqueline R. Beggs
Pages: 138–146
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 642 KB)

Research article
Mycorrhizal colonisation of exotic conifers in kānuka and mānuka shrublands
Murray Davis and Simeon Smaill
Pages: 147–155
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 752 KB)

Research article
Heteroblasty on Chatham Island: A comparison with New Zealand and New Caledonia
K.C. Burns and John W. Dawson
Pages: 156–163
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
Montane outcrop vegetation of Banks Peninsula, South Island, New Zealand
Susan K. Wiser and Rowan P. Buxton
Pages: 164–176
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Research article
Ecological values of Hamilton urban streams (North Island, New Zealand): constraints and opportunities for restoration
Kevin J. Collier, Brenda M. T. A. Aldridge, Brendan J. Hicks, Johlene Kelly, Amy Macdonald, Brian J. Smith and Jonathan Tonkin
Pages: 177–189
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.17 MB)

Research article
Distribution and spread of environmental weeds along New Zealand roadsides
Jon J. Sullivan, Peter A. Williams, Susan M. Timmins and Mark C. Smale
Pages: 190–204
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Short Communication
Skink predation by hedgehogs at Macraes Flat, Otago, New Zealand
A. M. Spitzen – van der Sluijs, J. Spitzen, D. Houston and A. H. P. Stumpel
Pages: 205–207
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 289 KB)

Short Communication
Large-tree growth and mortality rates in forests of the central North Island, New Zealand
Sarah J. Richardson , Mark C. Smale, Jennifer M. Hurst, Neil B. Fitzgerald, Duane A. Peltzer, Robert B. Allen, Peter J. Bellingham and Peter J. McKelvey
Pages: 208–215
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 368 KB)

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